Serious mixologists across the country are taking a culinary approach to cocktail preparation and it is having a big impact on niche markets. As a result there are many new interesting products available, and I'm seeing new innovations every day that are changing the way we make drinks, AND- changing the way we have fun!

I thought I would start off the new year by sharing some of my favorite specialty or hard to find items that have become part of my bar kit or essential to my survival. The Cocktailian community is rapidly expanding and mixologists around the world are constantly communciating with one another. The exchange of information has become as fluid as the drink in their hands. An influential bartender in Bangkok can learn about a new product available in the States one day, and before long a new market is opened for the supplier.

What we offer on Dales List is some recommendations. It is not meant to be a comprehensive resource guide, at least not yet, but rather showcase some of my personal favorites. It will be a work in progress as I add more products each month. The fun is in the exploration and discovering the many new innovations coming into the marketplace, which for me represents one the most creative aspects of this business.