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A Program for the Appreciation, Understanding
and Service of Adult Beverages

Over the last two decades America has undergone a broad culinary revolution. In all but two aspects, culinary education for trade professionals and consumers has kept pace. Those exceptions are distilled spirits and mixology. Until 2006, these
two interconnected worlds still lacked an authoritative source of knowledge.

Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR), an LLC corporation, is filling that gap. BAR is an independent organization whose mission is to propagate the healthy and responsible use of beverage alcohol products through innovative and comprehensive training programs and seminars. A partnership of five of the world's leading spirits and cocktails authorities, BAR has created a unique series of programs about spirits and mixology that enlighten and fully inform those people who take them, be they service industry professionals, members of the media, or curious consumers.

One or more of BAR's managing directors/principals guides every course, using BAR's own authoritative materials and textbook. BAR offers three programs and other services (i.e., advisory and analytical services for the industry) both in New York City and through the BAR Mobile Unit that for hire travels to suitable sites to conduct programs.

BAR is the most trusted, comprehensive, innovative, and autonomous source of systematic information in the beverage alcohol industry. Anyone who passes BAR's Four-Day Intermediate Program is able to mix a balanced Sidecar, distinguish a Speyside malt from a Lowland malt, explain in detail the difference between Bourbon whiskey and Irish whiskey, recognize when a tequila is overpriced, identify a potato vodka by its nose alone, explain the origin of the Manhattan cocktail and why the bitters are an integral part of the drink, draw up a cocktail list that matches the elegance of the establishment it's created for and, in short, do everything that one expects from a comprehensively informed professional. For more information visit: Beveragealcoholresource.com.






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