Oleo Saccharin Preparation:
4 large fresh lemons

1 firm fresh navel orange
1 cup granulated sugar

Remove skin only from lemons and oranges using a vegetable peeler; be sure to remove the skin only without the pith.

Assemble ingredients in a container (with top) and pound lemon peels together with 1 cup of sugar. Use a pestle or a muddler to pound the sugar and lemon peels to extract the oils.

Let set for a minimum of 6 hoursor overnite. Shake or muddle periodically. Afterwards, add 8 ounces of lemon juice, shake or stir to dissolve remaining sugar. The mixture is now referred to as a SHRUB. Strain liquid from the lemon peels* then refrigerate until ready to use.

* Lemon and orange peels can be dehydrated and ground in a spice grinder mixed with equal parts suagr and used to frost rim of glass.


Photo: David Krestler