October, 2001
H O M E S T Y L E : De s i g n T r e n d s



Try these home fashion pick-me-ups for fall.

By Bev Bennett

... What you may lack in new furnishings you can more than make up for in conviviality. Trend watchers say this is the year for home entertaining. High gas prices may limit your travel plans, but it shouldn't affect your social calendar. Today's parties are mix and mingle affairs. Stock up on martini glasses and invite friends in for cocktails, says Dale DeGroff, who spent 25 years as bartender in New York's famed Rainbow Room.

"The idea of the cocktail party, which was very big in fifties, is back gangbusters," says DeGroff, who offers mixology tips at his website www.Kingcocktail.com.

"You're seeing all this wonderful cocktail paraphernalia at Urban Outfitters or Restoration Hardware. You don't see built-in bars like your parents had in their fifties ranch houses. Instead you'll see table top bars set up in the livingroom with an assortment of spirits and glassware... The martini glass is doing especially well. People are also buying cocktail shakers, strainers and pitchers for sangria and punch."

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