The Craft of the Cocktail

Hailed by the New York Times as "single-handedly

"Dale DeGroff is the Oracle- the Yoda of mixology. The absolute final word on the subject of alcoholic beverages."

Anthony Bourdain, author of ‘Kitchen Confidential'
and ‘A Cook's Tour'

The world's greatest living bartender and the man responsible for the global resurgence in cocktail culture gives us: "The Craft of the Cocktail", a book that will give amateurs and professionals alike the confidence to make great drinks anywhere. Over 500 of Dale's favourite cocktails with easy-to-follow recipes, including classics like the Manhattan, Martini and Mojito, as well as many of his own creations. Dale includes a succinct history from mid 1800's America through to its current revival and covers essentials like, ice, muddling, juicing, ingredients, glasses and best of all, how to recreate his signature flaming orange garnish. Packed with practical advice and tips, and peppered throughout with recollections and anecdotes from his years spent serving celebrities and regulars at America's last great supper club, the Rainbow Room.




Photo by David Kressler